The Purpose of Hyndla ltd

The purpose of the company Hyndla ltd is to promote research, development and cultivation of algae in Iceland; to produce and sell organic and inorganic material derived from algae along with import & export of related goods in connection with operations of the company.

Hyndla ehf presented its experimentation at the Icelandic Biology Conference in Reykjavík 26-28.

October 2017 

The owners of Hyndla ltd

Guðrún Hallgrímsdóttir, Food engineer, chairman of the board

Gestur Ólafsson, planner and architect, member of board.       
Bjarni Grétar Bjarnason, mananing director of Hyndla ehf , member of board.  


Where does the name Hyndla come from?


In one of the Edda poems there is an account of Hyndla. She was born of the giants and was a giantess. She lived in a cave and rode a wolf. The account of the giantesses relates among other things: “There was power and movement in these women. "They possessed skills and had good tools which the gods coveted. “


“Wake up, girl of girls, wake up, my friend.

Hyndla sister, who lives in a cave!

Now it´s the darkest of darkness, we two shall ride

to Valhall, to the sacred sanctuary.“


This is the beginning of the Song of Hyndla where Freyja addresses Hyndla.

The following is a description of the Hyndla song: “The Hyndla song is an account of Freyja who goes to meet the giantess Hyndla to ask her to come with her to Valhalla. They go on the journey. Freyja rides Hildisvína and Hyndla a wolf. The reason for the trip is that Freya wants Hyndla to relate the descendants of Ottar to the gods good so he can get hold of his inheritance. "


We felt it appropriate to name our company after Hyndla, a Nordic giantess, who lived in a cave, close to Nature, powerful and possessing many skills.


We at Hyndla believe that Iceland and the Icelandic people can have a unique position in many regards concerning the utilisation of algae. First and foremost we are looking at the relatively unpolluted land and sea around Iceland. Plentiful renewable energy sources are also an asset. Well-educated people in the physical and life sciences can also be mentioned. Short lines of communication and increased awareness of the importance of sustainability and health. The location of Iceland with regard to markets in Europe and America is also important as it minimises the ecological footprint left by Icelandic products.


The company considers close cooperation of the various parties in Iceland and elsewhere in the world, involved in studying algae and their utilisation a prerequisite for successful development in this field.


The goal of Hyndla Ltd. is to produce quality products from algae in a sustainable way in cooperation and collaboration with research institutions, funds, individuals, entrepreneurs and related companies.

Hyndla ehf

Nægtarbrunnur þörunga.

Hyndla ehf

Þingholtsstræti  30

101 Reykjavík

Telephone: 00 354 8610524

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